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La Buttsistance Manifest  
08:54pm 31/12/2010
In the interests of truly fair play on this site, I'd like to draw your attention to the existence of the following groups, all of which quite clearly break Facebook's terms of use, particularly with regards to point 7 of section 3 in the terms of use about safety: "You will not post content that: is hateful, threatening, or pornographic; incites violence; or contains nudity or graphic or gratuitous violence."

Below are a handful of links to groups such as "Grab a Boob Day", "it's not rape if you shout 'surprise'" and the like. Just a small representative selection, there are quite a few more out there. All of these groups promote, whether the creators think they're being ironic or not, physical and sexual assault. Whether or not the groups' creators intended to promote such behaviour is beside the point - there are, and kudos to you all, a lot of people using this site. Some of whom (I'm not going to argue percentages here, they'd be irrelevant) genuinely believe sexual and/or physical assault to be acceptable behaviour. When such people see such groups on a site like facebook, they feel their beliefs are further validated, in much the same way I as, for instance, a fan of the Beatles, feel validated in liking and playing such music all the more, because I know I'm not the only person out there who digs that stuff (among other things).!/group.php?gid=298735184179&v=info

Then there are groups like "God Hates Contraception" that, well, you can tell by the group name, promotes hate. If the name's not enough, a quick perusal of the group's wall should suffice. Again, this goes against point 3 of section 7 of the terms of use.

A few more hateful groups of perhaps a similar ilk:

and so on.

Now, if all these groups, and many more, break the exact same point of the terms of use that a non-sexual photo of naked buttocks do, why are those photos removed, but not those groups?

Until there's a fair answer to that question - clear legal grounds on which such decisions can be made, OR, said offensive groups removed for the same reason, naked buttock pictures will continue to be posted.

Clearly, the terms of use are a nonsense, if they're only applied selectively. Complaints have been made against most (if not all) of the groups listed above before.

The warning sent to me showed concern for children. 1 - would not the same children be in as much if not more danger socially from exposure to those groups as they are to bare buttocks? 2 what children? Facebook itself restricts usage of the site to teenagers and above. Teenagers are not children, they're teenagers. Yes, they're minors, legally - but there is still, and I think you'll find (especially if you look at most rating/censorship codes) that there's a legally recognisable difference in maturity and responsibility between a "child" and a "teenager".

Please, go to these pages linked. Click report abuse, wherever that function can be found. Steps are being taken to forward this statement to facebook management.

Be proud, ya buncha bums!
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Books Now! All Ages Trivia Competition...  
02:59pm 23/11/2009
Doors open at 1pm, and the competition begins at 2pm for the first ever Sirius Gallery All Ages Trivia Afternoon!

There are heaps of prizes up for grabs, from carefully selected bottles of wine, to deli, vegan and meat platters, to a commissioned piece of professional art - your choice of subject and media - to be presented within the month!

Get in quick, as spaces are very limited - Entry is $10, or $5 per head, if you book as a group of 10 or more...

The Bookface Event Posting
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Sirius Gallery Hallowe'en Opening  
03:19pm 29/10/2009
Yes, we open in 2 days time - short notice I know, but we've had some technical difficulties with getting internet to happen here.

On the upside, we'll be at it for at least 12 hours, so there's plenty of time for people to drop in between any other commitments they may have arranged, and we'd love to see you down here!

Your $5 entry gets you a BBQ feed or two, access to portraiture and other workshops & demos, along with, throughout the afternoon, live music from the illustrious Kitsunegari, the enigmatic Lizzie Ballinger, and who knows who else later in the evening!

As a special internet offer, we're offering free admission to anyone who can name at least 3 of the 4 things our name is a reference to: to claim your complimentary invitation, either email your answers direct to, and you'll be sent a flyer to print out by return email, or just rock up and give your answers to whoever's on the door on the day!

To participate in the workshops, please remember to bring along your own art supplies - whatever you'd like to work with: paints and other wet media are welcome as the workshops will mostly be outdoors. Furniture is also somewhat limited, so if you'd like to bring yourself down a camp chair, please do so.

Oh, and don't forget, it's a costume party, so go crazy with the Hallowe'en theme (but of course you knew that!)

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XKCD love  
02:11pm 31/08/2009
Course, this might be where I'm going wrong...

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Questionage meme, courtesy of catdraco. What? You want content? Bit early for that, innit...?  
06:06pm 15/08/2009
If you've been tagged, you must write your answers in your own LJ and replace any question that you dislike with a new, original question.
Secondly: Tag eight people. Dont refuse to do that. Don't tag who tagged you.

I tag:
everyone on my friends list: that way those of you who want to do it will. =) I second this idea, and heartily stand by it.

Who sleeps in bed next to you?
Wasabi. Otherwise known as tripmonster, Princess Underfoot, Teh Pirate Kitteh, the Rorschach Cat, or Rumbly Mc Whiskerface.

Have you ever smoked weed?
Yeah. Didn't much like it.

What kind of magazines do you read?
Empire, sometimes Rolling Stone, sometimes The Big Issue, but I'm not in town often enough to catch every issue these days.

What's your occupation?
Stage Manager for the Queensland Shakespeare Ensemble, Artistic Director of the soon to be active Pirate Arrrts.

What's really annoying?
People or vehicles (and therefore people) blocking my path. And moving very slowly.

Who is your celebrity crush?
Frances o'Connor. But there are several others I wouldn't say no to.

I can't live without:
corn chips and hommus.

What are you listening to right now?
distant traffic, and my father shuffling about, talking to himself.

What is your favorite thing about your birthday?
the perfect excuse for rampant solipsism, really. What more could you want? Wait, this is about me...

What websites do you always visit when you go online?
LiveJournal, bookface, something positive, domai, and various real estate search engines

What was the last thing you bought?
Barastoc Laying Mash - chook feed.

Ocean swimmer or beach whore?
what an oddly phrased question. I feel stupid going to a beach without swimming, at least once.

Favorite Season?
Spring and Autumn - all three weeks of them - likewise

Favorite ice cream flavor?
um - I 'unno. Haven't had icecream for ages. Chocolate mototo's pretty damn nifty though

If you could learn another language what would you choose?
French, Spanish, latin, german, where should I stop?

5 things you waste money on

Your birth order is...
third - smack in the middle

Worst day of your life?
Just one? I'm not good at singularities, and I'm trying not to focus on disasters, as they were rarely all that disastrous in the end.

Did you change a lot of questions on the meme?

Say something to the person who tagged you:
She's superlatively cool, and I've not seen her and her family in too long.
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09:49am 09/07/2009
At this point, a hypothetical question, but, depending on the answer(s) - so, depending on you - soon to not be hypothetical:

(okay, really a series of questions)

1 are you looking for space in which to exhibit your work?

2 how much would you be willing to pay, as a weekly rental rate, for such a space?

3 would you maybe just like to clear an overflow of old pieces from your home/studio, and could use some extra storage space?

4 if yes to 3, how much could you afford for said storage space?

5 what kind of work is it? What media? More than one?

6 is the work difficult to categorise? Hard to pin down a pigeonhole for? (if so, so much the better ;) )

7 how much space do you feel you could fill, on a weekly, daily, or even hourly basis?

8 does, for instance, roughly 2.3 sqm sound like a fair standard space? (keep in mind that size applies to both wall and floor space, and that the dimensions are fairly fixed.)

9 and does, then, $10 - $20 sound like a reasonable weekly rate for such a standard space? What sort of deposit would you be willing to pay to secure a space?

10 would you rather pay a commission, to an established 'reputable' gallery, or a reasonable rental fee to an emerging venue, after which all income from the sale of your work is entirely yours?

11 would you be interested in displaying work in an artist-run initiative that gives you, financially and aesthetically, as much guidance or autonomy as you require? As you request?

12 how important is a gallery's location to you? Does it HAVE to be in the city or Valley to be taken seriously? What matters most about where and how a gallery is to be found?

13 what sort of demographic (sorry, I don't like that word much either) is your work most likely to appeal to? Who's it, if anyone, 'aimed' at?

14 lastly - how close to ready do you feel you are to exhibiting? Got work ready to go? Keen to discuss rates and deposits?

Know anyone else that's likely to be interested? If so, please, pass this message along!

Responses to all questions can be made either via direct comment, or by email to - please include the phrase


in the subject line of all related emails.

Thank you!


(X-Posted several places, in the interest of developing new local business ;) )
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Birhday 'celebrations' - x-posted to bookface  
06:22pm 10/04/2009
So yeah. This sunday is not only Zombie Jesus day, it's also the day I turn 21 for the foofteenth time. And despite the fact (as I'm sure many of you have noticed) I'm not the happiest of campers atm, and therefore possibly close to the least sociable or socially capable beastie on the planet right now, it'd be great to have some friends around to watch silly movies and maybe have a drink with. Games of Munchkin and such may also ensue.

Presents are entirely unnecessary, unless they consist of hugs and/or massage. Both are, atm, very much necessary.

Pls BYO drinks, and, if you like, silly movies/games you think I should have experienced by now.
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(no subject)  
01:53pm 05/04/2009
I love you.
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(no subject)  
07:44pm 29/03/2009
Happy Birthday
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Happy Birthday <lj-user="ghymoreid">!
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11:34pm 23/02/2009
Comment to this post and I will give you 5 subjects/things I associate you with. Then post this in your LJ and elaborate on the subjects given.

subjects given by catdraco

1. Shakespeare

My intro to 'Will The Conqueror' was, like most peoples', via high school, and so, almost by default, doomed to failure. Okay, to be fair, that's not entirely true, in my case - I did have some good teachers, who did their best to make it interesting, but since it had come to me via class necessity, I did my level best not to care. Once I'd grown out of that, several years later, I reintroduced myself, and was awestruck not only by the beauty and complexity of the language as poetry, but by the beauty and complexity of the stories themselves. Particularly something like Romeo And Juliet, the plot structure of which is tighter than anything that's ever come out of any swiss clock workshop. Then, influenced slightly by a few movies, a few years further down the track, [movies in which, for instance, Baz Lurhmann, and separately, Tom Stoppard had hands in] and post tertiary study, which certainly helped, I became completely enamoured of the idea of Shakespeare as populist entertainer, which even most scholars agree would have been the case when first he was writing, and certainly when he was acting. So I'm desperately keen, and it's wonderful to be working in a company [an ENSEMBLE, no less :D] that seem to agree, to make what's seen {? I hope this is not still 'generally' the case, though it probably is, and I've sworn me a mission to do my bit to change it} as purely academic 'dead white male' stuff live and breathe and sweat and bleed and, if necessary, fart in front of audiences that would otherwise swear they "just don't get it". I mean, it ain't THAT hard. If you can enjoy a Tarantino film, on whatever level you like, you can follow, and take SOMETHING away from Shakespeare's stuff.

I could go on with various theories as to maybe why people think they can't/won't get it, but that maybe is a post all of it's own.

2. Trenchcoats

are probably the closest I'll ever come, offstage, to wearing armour. They're almost as useful as towels, but warmer, thicker, and therefore have a protective feel about them few other garments or pieces of fabric can offer. I have two trenchcoats, both of which were free. One of which, I must admit, and often have, was stolen. Or, er, borrowed, if you like. From a certain institution's wardrobe dept. So, y'know, it wasn't so much theft as Sartorial Scrumping.

All that aside, the main reason I took and have said trenchcoat is because I was seeing a pressing need for something warm to wear - I was about to go to Newcastle. And I've found since, that even in Brisbane winters [that most southern citizens no doubt scoff at] I'm regularly in need of such warmth and protection.

I do also like them aesthetically, most especially the second of the two I own, which was gifted to me by someone it did not fit. It fits me, better than a lot of clothes I own, and actually looks pretty smart. I think. There's something pleasing about the way they move, and flap about, and even just sit on the human form, and the suggestion of both purposefulness {please don't revoke my poetic license for that one} and mystery inherent to them. I do feel bound at this point, though, to point out that I don't really consider myself a Goth, by most 'standard' definitions. [yeah, feel free to challenge that, but I doubt I'll agree]. One stereotypical definition is, yes, the wearing of trenchcoats in 'inappropriate' conditions, but I maintain my non-identification. Even I did procure said first coat [made for Russian Infantry, I was later told] on the Gold Coast, and wear it often there.

3. Caves

Caves aren't something, current dwelling aside, I haven't a LOT of experience with. But I've always been drawn to them as places of seclusion, and of mystery. Cave paintings intrigue me, but they're only associated with caves by the default of the cave helping preserve the image. There's bound to have been plenty around, just not necessarily, I think, near such wonderfully 'ready made' places of habitation - but it's those particular ones that have survived.

Interesting, then, that conversely the cave here in this house has probably ruined more stuff than it's sheltered. Positioning three drainage pipe ends over the otherwise most obvious storage position in the space has helped precisely no-one that's ever been here, I suspect. Least of all the otherwise beautiful red couch still in the cave, and now under smaller drips. Just can't win.

Water problems aside, I love having a cave here - it's one of the few features that has made an otherwise pretty claustrophobic living space bearable. For a cave, it's surprisingly open, and airy. And the complete change of atmosphere out there, compared to the rest of the house, has led to memorable parties, memorable quiet moments of solitude and escape, and certain other memorable moments that I shall do no more than allude to here.

It's been a very handy talking point, and the saving grace of many an otherwise awkward introduction or conversation. Nothing shifts peoples' perceptions quite like suddenly saying 'oh by the way, my house has a cave', or, the glorious old standby, 'so, what have you been up to? No, tell me, I've been living in a cave for two years'.

And I love the fact that I still discover new things, nearly every time I'm out there.

I think what I love most of all about this particular recreation of Jenolan Caves, though, is the simple spectacular theatricality of it. Sitting out there, no matter what I'm doing, it makes me feel like I'm doing something I miss terribly - sitting around in the middle of a set, and being 'someone else' for a while.

4. Dropping everything to help out

makes me feel useful. Makes me feel needed, which makes me feel wanted. Which means - well, we all know what feeling wanted means, yeah? Okay, maybe it's a little more complex than that: maybe it's my way of showing, of giving just as much as taking or feeling, that I care about the people around me, and wish to be supportive of their needs and desires. I'm often better at communicating [verbally] with someone else's words, and being around to help shift things, or make things, or listen, is my way of saying [especially since I find the words themselves so difficult to say without sounding insincere, or worse, falsely sincere] you matter to me, and I want to spend time with you, I enjoy your company, I want to understand you better - any, possibly all of those things.

5. Painting

Sigh. I'm no-where near as good as I 'should' be, simply because i'm nowhere near as practised as I should be. This is one of the many things I never find enough time for, mostly because I never find enough energy and concentration for it. I may never be brilliant, and I don't feel I need to be, but I know I'm not at my best, and that bugs the hell out of me. I know it's more out of fear than anything else - paint still feels like such a permanent medium, compared to say pencil and paper, and, well, I have a fear of commitment. ;P by which I mean even if I do lay something down on canvas, and I'm not happy with it, I'd probably feel compelled to start all over again, and leave the mistaken version around to whip myself with. So I'd rather not fuck up in the first place. Making any sense there?

Further to that - it is fairly time consuming, for several reasons. One, you often need to let things dry before you can go any further, and, especially if you're working in oils, some planning might be required regards what should be included in each layer etc. Two, like any good artform, one can lose oneself in it. I find it hard enough keeping up with the 'real' world without losing myself in yet another media, especially without some form of self-discipline. And there are some forms of self-discipline I've not yet enough of a handle on to prevent their becoming antithetical to losing one's self in art. i forget to eat all too easily. Speaking of which...

Before I leave this subject, though - I DO have positive things to say about it: I love those moments when the brush hits the canvas JUST the way I intended it to - or, even better, when it isn't what I intended, but what I've inadvertantly done is so much BETTER. This happens in other media, but - like I mentioned above, this is one where, unless I make some horrible mistake [or, in some cases, even if I do make some horrible mistake] that moment of serendipity, or more importantly its result is there for all to see, anytime I want. I love walking through galleries, or even browsing through books, of other peoples' works, and being viscerally moved by what I see, and knowing I can come back again and again, and be viscerally moved by what I see. painting is a medium I have very little time for intellectualizing over, though. A contradiction to much of what I've just said, probably, but for me painting [and paintings] are an even more immediate form of expression than theatre or music. Maybe I have the attention span of a gnat, but few things bore me more than standing around puzzling out or pontificating pointlessly about "what it might mean". No. Either I get something, or I don't, and that's fine. Maybe I'll get something next time. Maybe I need to let those ideas, that emotional whatever, seep in and filter up to a conscious something or other later. But I've not much interest in flapping my gums about technique or - gods, there was some bit of explanatory fluffle attached to a piece of street sculpture I was having a smoke near earlier this evening, and I read the thing, blinked at it, read it again, took another look at the whole piece, thought what the common man on the street apparently thinks - "someone paid good money for that?", and walked off with a Fight Club quote ringing in my ears. It's boring, and only serves to make art LESS accessible. Why would you want to do THAT?
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